CHUPA – video is out…

I would like to share the story behind this song.

This incident happened during the Kerala floods. I was listening to a song from Praise Generation which is actually the Malayalam version of ‘Still’ by Hillsong (If you haven’t heard that version click here to watch it). As I was watching this video I was taken, in the Spirit, among the people who are suffering from the floods.

The words of the song were also such that I started worshipping the Lord in Spirit singing this song. At that time the Lord started ministering to my heart. I felt the Lord asking me to translate this song in Hindi.

I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to do it, but just started singing the song in Hindi with words that the Lord gave me. To my surprise, it was all coming together and within minutes I could come up with Hindi lyrics of the entire song. I should say the Lord gave me the words.

Chupa Tu Mujhe, Apne pankho tale

Chupa Tu mujhe, Tere samarthi hathon me



Aandhi Toofan mere zindagi me aye,

Tu mere saath hai, mai kyu daru,

Yishu Tu mera Raaja hai,

Mai na hilu Tu saath mere.


Ae mere mann, Khuda pe kar bharosa

Uski shakthi me, Tu Samarth payega.

From then on the Lord started ministering to my heart regarding this song and I wanted this song to be produced and released so that it would reach multitudes especially to the victims of Kerala floods. Also the Lord put in my heart a burden to make it reach many Hindi churches so that they also could worship the Lord with this Hindi version.

I made many efforts but due to the lack of funds I couldn’t move forward. I requested many people to help me financially to release this song but no one helped. During this time I approached KBANS, whom I knew, I shared the story behind the song and the burden that the Lord gave. They agreed to do this as their first project.

Both of us tried our level best to raise funds for the same but no one came to our aid. So we decided to   do it ourselves and so with whatever we had, we started working on it and finally after several months (I think 7 months) we are releasing the song today. The link is given below. Please share the link and also this story so that it would touch many hearts and the Lord’s name will be glorified through it.

Share the link to worship leaders, pastors, Christian WhatsApp groups. Please also share it on your Facebook wall, Facebook Christian groups etc.

Thank you so much and God bless you.

Click here to watch the video

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