God’s Provision…

When the Lord called us and we decided to come to Bikaner we didn’t have enough money for booking tickets & all other expenses. So, we had to sell our car & scooter to meet all the needs.

With the help of many people after 6 months we could buy a scooter but as we are four, managing with the scooter was very difficult. We were not able to travel, as a family, to meet with people as a part of ministry. We were also not able to go to villages where there is no transportation facility.

Our prayer was always for a four-wheeler. According to the size of our family we needed a four-wheeler. Three years continuously we prayed for the same.

Last month, after our visit to Delhi some doors opened towards this. A person, totally unknown to us, promised to help us to buy a used car. From then on we started searching for best used car available in the budget given to us. For about 3 weeks we searched frantically, but in vain.

After 3 weeks we stopped searching and submitted everything in the hands of the Lord. Then we got to see a car which we liked and was coming in our budget. After praying we booked the car and we got it in our hands. Praise God.

Now, we feel that we can be more effective in ministry. We can now travel to all those places to which we were not able to travel all these years for ministry. We have 3 mission stations and since we did not have a vehicle we couldn’t regularly visit those places to monitor the work there. With this vehicle in hand, now we can regularly visit our mission stations, which we believe will enhance the growth of the churches in those places.

For our local needs also it is very much helpful. We were struggling without one and we are sure we can reap great rewards with this vehicle.

It is God’s doing because the person who has donated money for this cause, we haven’t even seen him once. God worked in His heart and so all glory to God. We sincerely thank God and the donor from the bottom of our hearts.

Continue to uphold us in prayers.

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